Henzelene Heally was felicitated as Unified Brainz global leader of the highest order

Unified Brainz celebrated the glorious careers of prominent leaders from around the globe, leading by example with resilience, diligence, and perseverance on the occasion of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2022

Hear Henzie Healley, principal and founder of Beyond-Legal as she takes you through the top ten things not to do when starting your business in the UAE

Rosheen Ngorima: Creating Network Support with Vetted Businesses that Fills the Requirements of Clients

For a company to operate and grow, encouragement, support, and building are crucial. Set an example for others to follow, and wherever you can, aid in their personal development. Everybody had to begin somewhere. 

Promising Entrepreneurs on their ideas and growing businesses

No dream is too big nor any idea too small… ASPIRE speaks with promising Entrepreneurs on their budding ideas and their growing businesses

Mezzle Middle East Limited Is at The Forefront of Challenging and Changing the Traditional Approach to the Legal Sector

After seeing lawyers chained to their desks working ridiculous hours, the idea behind Mezzle just had to be founded. Since Mezzle facilitate a radical change from this traditional approach to the provision of legal service

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LexTalk World Talk Show with Henzie Healley, Managing Director, Mezzle Middle East.

Henzie Healley is an accomplished and skilled, common law qualified lawyer living in Dubai but servicing clients from all around the world. Henzie studied Business Management in Canada, before going on to study law in New Zealand.